From past experience we knew there was scarce availability of individually made protective boxes, so in 2009 we decided to produce storage boxes made of quality material suitable for long-term storage and preservation of collection items, books, art objects and archival material. For many years there has been a lack of ready access to hand-made protective boxes for use by the conscientious conservator. Our products are made of high quality materials from certified companies which have years of experience in producing archival materials.

Markéta Kropáčková and Jan Klimeš


  • *1970 Prague
  • Paper restoration since 1990
  • Licenced for restoration since 1996

  • *1977 Brno
  • Works for Prague Museum (Muzeum Hl. města Prahy) for many years
  • Interested in design department, especially paper
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Cooperating with: Museum in Sušice, Czech Republic, Prague National Gallery, developmnet department of the City of Prague (Útvar rozvoje hlavního města Prahy), National Museum of Prague (Národní muzeum v Praze), Prague Museum (Muzeum hlavního města Prahy), Museum of decorative arts (Uměleckoprůmyslové Muzeum), Prague Technical Museum (Technické muzeum), Pedagogical Museum of Komensky in Prague (Pedagogické muzeum J.A.Komenského v Praze), Prague National Technical Library (Národní technická knihovna v Praze), Institute of Art History (Ústav dějin umění AVČR)